NY ICE : "We Are the New Native Americans"

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NY ICE on May 1,2014 Video#2

  Joanna Marzullo of NY ICE leads her group into yet another annual May Day event to show that American patriots are still resistant to open borders. This lady never hesitates to get out there and state her position in the heart of very liberal NYC. She is known for wearing the Border Patrol cap at all public demos including City Meetings where they are attempting to issue ID's for IA"s simply bypassing federal statutes.

In the video, you will see a hearty debate revolving around the corporate interests in suppressing wages by continuing to utilize the labor of illegal aliens. It's great to see these New Yorkers out in the field fighting for the meaning of citizenship.

Don't miss these cool pics!  https://www.flickr.com/photos/pamelahall/sets/72157644473690272/

Thanks Guys!