Immigration News from Houston: Duelling Protesters on the TC Jester Bridge

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Open Borders Oppose Stop the Magnet

 On July 10, 2014 as I got in my car to back out of my driveway at 6:30AM, I noticed a helicopter overhead. When I arrived at the planned demonstration site I understood why. I live some 5 minutes from the TC Jester overpass and was greeted by about 25 or so, open borders advocates in support of the tsunami of illegal aliens from Central America with a local Fox reporter ready to do a live interview. This demonstration for deportation had gotten out via our press release.  It was only Colonel Stan and myself to hold up the 20 foot DEPORT banner for the first hour. We squeezed in right beside them.  Suprisingly, there was little friction or words exchanged until later when a few hostile visitors came onto the bridge with full-blown machismo rantings about not leaving or revisionist history rants (note the video). Thankfully, our reinforcements dribbled in to assist us and even Michael Berry called in for reinforcements. Eva Brown of Battleground Tea Party reported events live on the Berry show and related how a minor complaint to HPD regarding the size of our wooden sticks (3/4" square instead of 3/4" round) resulted in the complete dismantling of the structural framework of our banner. I am sure HPD noted the immigration civil rights lawyer taking notes the entire demo. Not to be outwitted, and taking it in our stride we unwired the sticks ,threw them in the car and the result was TWO 20' banners with a powerful message. At one point, Trans Star arrived to check out our activity but the HPD officer (taking on the role of a civil liberties lawyer-LOL) let them know we were perfectly lawful,well-behaved and exercising our First Amendment rights...there was no need to even go check on us, they had it under control.Here is a channel 39 interview with NewFix which did a pretty good job in laying out the irony of the city ordinance violations on our wooden sticks and has pictures of the banner we used : Do not miss the two audio clips from the Michael Berry show. The AM show had Eva Brown relating our experiences live onsite and the PM show revealed the mindset of our opponents in an interview with Berry's producer. It was replayed the following morning on the Walton & Johnson show. DO NOT MISS!

Michael Berry Show: 9AM (go to  19:15 to 28:35)

Michael Berry Show : 6PM (go to 12:39 to 22:19)