Defending the Saracens

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December 16,2015










That we arrived fully loaded with points on why Houston ISD's Arabic Immersion Magnet School for (PK-K) is not appropriate. It fell on deaf ears in the screechingly,knee-jerk and indoctrinated anti-American millenial age group (go check out the Reddit streams on this). A tragedy because we KNOW that a decade from now they WILL get it and we pray its not too late. It would be nice to pack this crew off to Germany, France, Hungary, UK there they would see many in their age group who would line up enthusiastically with the retired and former military we had out with us this day.In fact a French affiliate group in Austria staged a fake ISIS-styled execution against those holding signs saying "Refugess Welcome":  MUST SEE!

An Arabic language/culture school that is being pushed by the ACC,Qatar and the Arab-American Chamber of Commerce and one of many on this trajectory is suspect, it is an agenda (HISD receives the check) America becomes culturally divided.  Let the ACC teach these kids and interested parents Arabic on their dime.Comparing the decade long list of similar tax-payer funded madrassas and the track record on acquiring Arabic means the kids will lose clock hours in English, the language of freedom:  Here is a very popular video from a few years ago by French youth fighting for their national identity after years of mass and unassimilated Islamic immigration: . It is happening here as we speak by UN-State Department refugee dumping to transform American communities, that's how the Arabic Community can boast the 75K strong (here on a mission) Arabs in Houston and "the need" for Arabic Language. We will continue our robust research on this topic and come out again. We will take the heat, we are Christian fighters and we want to save our country!