Congressman Luis Gutierrez (IL) Gets Full Sound In Houston

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"Go Home"!!
Hotel ZaZa-No Reconquista!
Protesters Go after C. Luis Gutierr
Guest of Congressman Luis Gutierrez

Immigration News-Houston

  Houston Patriots perform a stealth demonstration on October 2,2014 at the Hotel ZaZa in anticipation of Congressman Luis Gutierrez's arrival. This event was hosted by the Mexican-American Bar Association and many noteworthy elected officials and judges were present. Cars entering the drive were greeted with a huge No Reconquista sign in sync with the attitudes and radicalism of the ethnocentric anti-American crowd and their fellow travelers (see invite) : They were treated to a full spectrum of patriotic music in jazz,punk,heavy metal and pop. The protesters engaged on the immigration debate and opposition to Gutierrez's push for unconstitutional actions via executive orders granting amnesty to illegal aliens.Reactions from representatives of the Mexican Bar Association were very aggressive and intimidating but they could not disperse us nor make our sign go away. Viva FIRST AMENDMENT!

Long May We Wave,

Liz Theiss