Press Release: Most Council Candidates are VERY AFRAID of Immigration Questions

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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stop the Magnet's City of Houston Immigration Vetting Project 

                     Elizabeth Theiss  -
                     Maria Martinez     -
September 18th, Stop the Magnet, sent every candidate running for mayor and city council five important questions related to the city’s immigration policies concerning public safety, law enforcement, violent gangs, public funds etc. (below). The questionnaire was mailed, faxed, emailed, twittered and hand delivered. Mayoral candidate, Eric Dick responded, as well as, Brian Taef - District G, and Mike Knox, Amy Peck and Ron Hale - District A. Activist Elizabeth Theiss states, “We commend the 5 bravehearts who answered and condemn the other 55 candidates who did not. Many voters will be surprised, disappointed, and enraged, especially with ‘conservative Republicans’ who ran like scalded dogs from the issues.” Mrs. Theiss explains,”. Houstonians have a right to know which candidates are willing to protect their families, neighborhoods, and tax dollars ”. Stop the Magnet will circulate this press release to voters and resend the questionnaire to runoff candidates. Find candidates’ responses at:
Questions Listed Below, Or At Immigration Vetting Project Survey ...
A) Since Houston is the nation's hub for illegal human trafficking, Houstonians who are forced to pay the related costs for law enforcement and who are increasingly the victims of criminal aliens, should have the right to vote on enhancing Houston Police Department's present immigration policy, General Order, (500-08). The enhancements on security should include the following:
  • The elimination of Mexico's Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad as acceptable identification to verify identity and legal status
  • Increased access to federal databases to ascertain identity, not limited to just NCIC (National Crime Information Center), but also, the LESC, (Law Enforcement Support Center) databases
  • Those detained by HPD and confirmed to be illegally present in the US will be properly documented, fingerprinted, photographed and reported to the appropriate federal agencies: 
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B) According to the FBI, illegal alien street gangs such as MS-13 are arming themselves with high-powered military style weapons to potentially engage in lethal encounters with law enforcement, rival gangs and the general public. Members of MS-13 are mostly Salvadoran nationals or first generation Salvadoran-Americans, but also Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mexicans, and other Central and South American immigrants and they recruit right out of American middle and high schools. With this dangerous criminal gang operating in 42 states and the District of Columbia, related criminal activity of all kinds is increasing; therefore, a quarterly accounting of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens should be made available to the public.
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C) Are you willing to investigate the true usefulness of offices such as the Mayor's Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs or Office of International Communities and eliminate them if determined to be enabling programs for non-citizens?
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D) Do you think the vehicles of irresponsible drivers, those that are uninsured, unregistered or the driver does not have a license, should be impounded and held by the City until a fine is paid if the driver is found to be without proper identification or insurance coverage?
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E) Contractors and their subs engaged by the City, if found violating the law by hiring illegal aliens rather than citizens or visa holders, should lose their city contracts and be denied the right to reapply for city contracts for 3-6 months.
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