Would you vote for Texas Gov. Rick Perry for President if he fails to use his authority to protect our state borders?

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The Obama administration has declared virtual amnesty at the border of Texas as tens of thousands of illegals flood our borders while the Border Guards are handcuffed and forced to wave busloads though our checkpoints. This is a national and state emergency.
In the last few months Texans have seen mass incursions by people hailing from primarily Central America, Mexico and other countries hostile to the USA. Recently the news has been reporting on this huge influx by the thousands often times by minors sent over by their parents. We do not yet see a viable outcry from the leaders in our state. Governor Rick Perry does have the authority to deputize officers from various law enforcement agencies or organize volunteers with past military experience to help secure the border. Further, he can utilize tenth Amendment powers and call the Texas Guard in to assist and utilize rainy day funds designed for just such emergencies.Why isn't Governor Perry acting decisively with this high level crisis while appearing on TV doing interviews and making the claim that Texas does not have the resources to protect the border?
The Texas governor has authority under the Texas Constitution to:
  • Call out the State Guard, National Guard and Air National Guard;
  • Deputize qualified citizens to guard the border, such as , citizens with law enforcement or military experience;
  • Utilize the rainy-day fund or other emergency funds to protect the border;
  • Call a special session.