Houston City Hall: Illegal Aliens Demand Legalization Status -Patriots Counter

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Stop Deportations Amnesty Rally

 A small band of patriots turned up at City Hall in Houston on Oct. 5, 2013 to counter the busloads of amnesty demanders and their cohorts. The event went very smoothly as our finest at the Houston Police Dept.ensured the safety and well-being of the counter-protesters.They were surrounded by barricades on one side of the reflecting ponds at City Hall. This in turn, made quite a handy display for the Stolen Lives Quilt Project which shows the faces of all the innocent Americans killed by lawless tresspassers into our country.

The local media, camaras in tow sought a response from this group in a format politically correct enough to air on TV. What they discovered was that Maria Espinoza was not one to be led on the immigration issue but rather, lectured the media on what they ought to be covering in the news as she ran through a never-ending stream of victims stories and what this loss meant to their families. DO watch her have a go at these guys in the video! I just stood behind them filming and holding up my styrofoam DEPORT sign....so much fun.

Oh yes...let's not forget the significant symbolism of the feathered indigenous dancers (Azatlan symbolism/reconquista) in the background. The Houston Chronicle claims they were "Native American folk dancers" (http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houst...). I'm not so sure. This is a crowd completely smitten with their own country (Mexican flags) and heritage and not exactly shy about it. Loudly chanting "Si, se puede!' as they were dismissed for the exit march by Mayor Parker exorting "Si, se puede!'. As an American I would have preferred bold honesty here: 2% sales tax-ROCK ON!  I guess in this new age of multicultural and diversity pushing this would be the politically correct thing to do. Those of you who stayed away for this reason, should know that their were no live demos of Azatlan culture at the podium with the Mayor. Wheeew....feel relieved?

Liz Theiss