About Us

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What is Stop the Magnet?

We are a political action committee dedicated to preserving our community through adherence to the Rule of Law. We are enforcement activists who have been tracking the negative consequences of illegal immigration for several years, participating in various protest events or traveling to Austin to encourage our lawmakers to pass enforcement measures at the state level. Unfortunately, after watching these efforts fail due to the influences of the cheap labor lobby and ethnic advocacy and separatists groups providing cover for our elected officials, we realized that change must be forwarded from the bottom up.

Illegal immigrants residing in Houston are estimated to be at roughly half a million. They are drawn here through the “magnets” of jobs and are able to remain and set roots because our police force are prohibited from investigating a person’s lawful status on initial contact and plenty of employers are availing themselves of this cheaper and bountiful supply of labor. That’s why we believe that it is important to attempt a citizen-led effort to bring two ballot measures before the Houston voters and taxpayers. They are the ignored voice in this debate because if they complain they are described as “haters” or “racists” to deflect from the huge blow in our way of life.

We daily witness the overpopulated schools, rising taxes and crime, declining property values as illegal aliens are accessing our taxpayer funded infrastructures. These added costs are not borne by those who are hiring illegal aliens over their own countrymen, they are profiting while American citizens are subsidizing. Indeed, the taxpayer is also busy subsidizing the unemployment benefits for those unable to find a job. Please join in and support this effort. Consider helping us gather signatures,manning the polls or donate so that we can cover printing costs, targeted mail-outs and legal expenses.

Thank You,
Elizabeth Theiss
Founder: Stop the Magnet