RINO-care Protest at Senator John Cornyn's Office

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Patriots came out today to protest the cloture vote of our RINO senators who refused to hold the line on socialized medical care. Senator Cornyn led the charge for the patrician-class who will not be affected by this monstrosity. This is the same class of people willing to allow unbridled immigration into our country without even a whimper, Cornyn voted to allow the SB744 immigration bill to make it to the floor of the senate before voting against it.  Here again, he is playing games in voting for cloture, then voting against Reid's amendment to strip the funding out of the bill. The large amount of FORCED TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED LABOR will in turn be the bedrock of this new shabby healthcare and government operated nightmare. 

Please note the HPD officer who practices arbitrary law against use of the medians for citizen protesters. He turned against his own countrymen as did Senator Cornyn. Thank You Senator Cruz for moving against traffic and fighting this for us!