Houston Amnesty Protest Event - #ConservativeBacklash

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Houston Amnesty Protest Event

Seven immigration fighters in Houston respond to GOP treachery in colluding with Democrats to pass an amnesty or legalization scheme for millions of illegal aliens roaming in the USA.We gathered in the thirty degree temps to hoist a 20' banner reminding the public of the continued assault on law and order and the loss of many young American lives. The loss of our young through the willful non-enforcement of our immigration laws also threatens their economic future as they are forced to compete for limited resources. We refuse to play nice on this issue especially in light of the fact that our politicians are constantly selling out their own people to cater to the donor-class and powerful business interests. Our children's future should never be for sale.

It was quite a stimulating experience to interact with commuters travelling along 288. At times we could hear verbal responses from the drivers, some of them showing fingers and the horn blast from truck drivers that literally vibrated beneath our feet. Luckily, Col. Stan Horton was on hand to remind those with foul gestures that this "was not about sex."Overall, we got positive response from the commuters and the fellowship among this crew was high. We will be out again soon......

Please check out the video. Yes...it has some tense guitar rifts for a reason...this debate has spanned some two decades now. The final 90 seconds is an honorarium for the victims shown on our banner. Please spread the word and join us for the next rally.

Long May We Wave,

Liz Theiss