Candidate Abbott & the Hispanic Outreach Dept.

 Does the iniative called the Texas Hispanic Engagement Team being pushed by the RNC mean we can't talk about enforcing our immigration laws? or being subsumed by gangs and cartels? or getting stuck with huge bills subsidizing somebody else's labor force? There have been a rash of Republican groups pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform waving the demographic club at older American citizens regarding the booming Hispanic population.

IMMIGRATION VETTING PROJECT: Tx.Congressional Candidates

  It is evident that the Federal government has failed to keep its promises on immigration in providing for security,workplace enforcement, fraud abuse and a sealed and managed border protecting American sovereignty.

Immigration Vetting Project: Texas State Races

  It is increasingly clear the federal government has abandoned its duty to protect citizen lives, property and jobs from border incursions.

* Agree means I will use the powers of my elected office, to author,vote to support or promote  these legislative initiatives

** DEADLINE: January 25, 2014


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