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Please participate in our poll regarding Hempstead ISD's recent decision to forego renewing the principal's contract. She was obviously having problems with student discipline in their use of Spanish at school and sought to bring order to the court by announcing an English-only policy via the school intercom. You can use the links below to get a grip on this story that rapidly went national. Our press release has also been posted at:

Regardless of our strong opinion on this matter, we encourage you to express your true views here.

Please note Texas Education code on the official "language of instruction"

Links to story:

Legal Assistant Cynthia Zamora:

Latino Rebels:


Janet Murguia of La Raza, a radical separatist group calls for blacks to team up against 'common enemy'

Isn't it great that such haters like Janet Murguia are considered venerable leaders and courted by politicians? Taxpayer dollars fund this garbage and grocery store chains like Kroger also fund these radical groups.Obviously, Janet hasn't been down to Houston to find out which demographic group leads the pack in opposing illegal immigration.Oh well, if you don't ever leave the agenda room you have no way of finding out the real truth, not that it matters anyway. In today's media world fiction substitutes for truth.

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