Toolkit for Volunteers

Please review the PDF "Petitioning and Mechanics" instruction sheet below and listen to audio files to hear a dialogue regarding the proposals.

It is very important to ensure legibility right after signing so that if a voter is a scribbler you can write it clearly somewhere in that field box.

The most common forgotten field is the "date of signing" on the far left side of the documents.Please watch this carefully.


Files Available For Download

PETITION: E-Verify For Houston City Contracts

E-Verify Key Points

  • Establish E-Verify requirement for contractors and subs seeking a contract using tax-payer dollars with the City of Houston
  • Empower the City Attorney to investigate businesses under contract that may not be in compliance
  • Enable citizens to report to the City Attorney should they have a belief that a business is not in compliance
  • Due process for businesses under contract to refute claims of non-compliance in a trial before city council
  • Permit citizens to file suit against the City should they fail to enforce the provision of E-
    Files Available For Download

PETITION: Public Safety Policy-Identifying & Reporting Those Unlawfully Present

Public Safety Policy Key Points

  • Upon any lawful stop, detention, or arrest an HPD Officer may determine immigration status, "when practicable" utilizing data bases provided by the Federal government.
  • A person is presumed to NOT be alien should any of the following identification forms be presented:

Petition Instructions

City of Houston voters only! (Must be able to vote for the Mayor of Houston).

Tell your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Please do not hold them,mail us what you can obtain quickly.

Please fill out the petitions carefully and legibly -- they are legal documents:

  • No stray marks.
  • Copies and faxes are not accepted.
  • Use black ink.

Mail in signed forms as soon as possible, we only have 180 days from "start day" to collect 20,000 valid signatures.

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