Stop the Magnet Endorses TX. State & Federal Races

 Stop the Magnet commends the candidates for responding to our survey on immigration enforcement strategies. We did not endorse all races but carefully considered those who stepped up to the plate on this difficult issue. In some cases, there were multiple respondents in a given race that we felt would honor the enforcement viewpoint but decided to let the voters make the call. Please use the search tool on our site to see if your preferred candidate responded or not. If they did not, contact their campaign office and encourage them to get their point of view on the record.

PRESS RELEASE: Challengers for US Texas Senate Seat Claim Support for Immigration Enforcement Controls to Include Legal Redress

 We sincerely commend all the fine candidates running in this race. There are a few really good guys running so please do your homework on them objectively. We are a single issue advocacy group focused on the immigration question. If immigration is an important issue for you by all means take our advice to heart. What is most important is that we are all engaged in fighting FOR THE REPUBLIC!

Long May We Wave,

Liz Theiss





 Come out and join us on Jan. 30 at 7AM on the Tuam St. Bridge over 288. Colluding Republicans like Speaker Boehner,Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Issa, Rep. Brady, Rep. Olsen and Rep. Poe, Rep. Farenhold are willing to consider a poorly written border bill (1417) that has no real teeth or benchmarks for enforcement that will mark a gateway strategy for some type of amnesty. There will be a closed door strategy session in Cambridge,MD. in late January  to determine a path for passing some type of amnesty bill.

The Texas Solution is born....and Who Delivered

 Over the years, conservative activists involved in the Republican party had been able to thwart vested interests in the cheap labor crowd from tilting the GOP immigration plank away from its enforcement-based leanings. But in 2012, at the GOP convention in Ft. Worth,the piracy wing in guest-worker amnesty won the day.See below:

Norman Adams (

IMMIGRATION VETTING PROJECT: Tx.Congressional Candidates

  It is evident that the Federal government has failed to keep its promises on immigration in providing for security,workplace enforcement, fraud abuse and a sealed and managed border protecting American sovereignty.

IMMIGRATION VETTING PROJECT: Houston Mayor's Race & Council

* Agree for candidates for the Office of Mayor means they will introduce these measures for a vote of council and/or voters.

** Agree for council members means they will vote for such measures, ordinances, etc.

*** DEADLINE: Oct. 3,2013

Immigration Vetting Project: Texas State Races

  It is increasingly clear the federal government has abandoned its duty to protect citizen lives, property and jobs from border incursions.

* Agree means I will use the powers of my elected office, to author,vote to support or promote  these legislative initiatives

** DEADLINE: January 25, 2014


Congressman Poe gets a Sendoff from Houston War Veterans-NO AMNESTY!

On Friday morning Sept.6,2013 war veterans turned up to assist Stop the Magnet in advising Congressman Poe against amnesty and pseudo-amnesty schemes pleasing to the Greater Houston Partnership cheap labor cartel and false churches.

Why is Organizing for Action having a prayer vigil for Congressman Ted Poe?

  On August 29,2013, Stan Marek of Marek Brothers a press event designed to promote the need for immigration reform (more immigration, more legalization). He was joined by Christy Husmann of Organizing for Action who is working hard to ensure passage of a bill along the lines of SB744, granting amnesty for millions present unlawfully. Although Christy claims that OFA is non-partisan, I would challenge you to research this organization and pay close attention to the logo.Please take note of the flyer handed out to attendees at this press conference.

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