Immigration Enforcement

Candidate Abbott & the Hispanic Outreach Dept.

 Does the iniative called the Texas Hispanic Engagement Team being pushed by the RNC mean we can't talk about enforcing our immigration laws? or being subsumed by gangs and cartels? or getting stuck with huge bills subsidizing somebody else's labor force? There have been a rash of Republican groups pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform waving the demographic club at older American citizens regarding the booming Hispanic population.

Making Significant Decisions About Aliens Without Interviewing Them

An interesting article about the ease with which some immigrants can gain permanent entry to the United States -- it's hard to believe how poorly organized our immigration processes are.

French Youth Movement - Fighting For National Identity

French Youth describe the ill effects of mass immigration & 'the global village"

The French Youth Movement in France, Generation Identitaire articulates very clearly their right to a national identity and culture that is being replaced with excessive and transformative immigration policies. Please take note as this portends what is occurring in our own country -- replacing and disenfranchising our population through greed driven immigration policies.

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