Bad Company: Camp Cruz Using Bush Machine for Fund-Raising

March 9, 2016,

 As the clock ticks ever closer to a nominee for the Republican Party, Cruz becomes more reckless in the company he keeps.  Cruz recently announced a new finance team that includes Charles Foster, a top Houston immigration attorney and Neil Bush,another Bush brother: .

Why the #TPA/#TPP Must Not Pass

June 11,2015

Patriots, Concerned Citizens and Texans,

It is vital that all of us become more informed on this secretive trade deal that the House is on the verge of approving. Today, I received a very informative e-mail from Ken Emmanuelson of Grassroots Texans laying out all of the problems with this trade agreement. For convenience I will simply reproduce on this blogpost and encourage you to contact your representative and urge a No Vote. You must contact your representive before the vote tommorrow.

Via Mr. Emmanuelson:

Obama's State Dept. Squeezing in #NewAmericans From a Plethora of Programs

March 23,2015

Just in case you still think "Legal Immigration" is just fine. Take a look at how hard the US State Department is squeezing in third world populations into the US to overwhelm the host. An activist visiting DC brought back copies of the various immigration programs being pushed pedal to the metal. Please take note of Sue Payne's revealing interview on the Mark Levin show exposing the "County Within a Country" plan being forwarded by the Obama administration. This will have the obvious effect of diluting the political voices of limited government proponents.


Texans Will Support American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) on Jan.29,2015

January 21,2015 



Please save the date January 29 to lobby for ALAC at OUR capitol in Austin!


Churches and the Refugee Industry

 Immigration Enforcement Activists (Restrictionists) have long been aggravated in witnessing the blatant enabling going on in churches dabbling in "aidding, abbetting and harboring" illegal aliens. The latest lawless bombshell in open borders deception arrives in the form of federal grant streams fed into non-profit corporate-styled operations in the church community. Noone is immune here in the "refugee" industry: Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians,etc...

Catholic Charities Receives Millions in Federal Grants to Support UAC's

Texas Solution is a False Hope

One cannot look at either the 2012 Texas Solution or the Staples-backed 2014 update in a piece-part fashion.  The entire plank is a fraud in that it does not offer any border security or immigration reform solutions to the perceived problem.

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