"Lawlessness Breeds Lawlessness"-STM Exclusive on the Houston "Hub"

August 17,2014

Restrictionists in the immigration debate have long bemoaned the mid-movie understanding of third world-invasion lawlessness and the sudden concern among elected officials and others in highlighting the sex-slave trade. The reason is that these same people have IGNORED the consequences of NAFTA free-trading, open borders, and free-wheeling hiring practices that in turn gave us the glam hysteria of the CHILD SEX-SLAVING INDUSTRY with no real efforts to prosecute it!. As the title to this blogpost indicates, LAWLESSNESS BREEDS LAWLESSNESS.

Officials Ignore Planned Parenthood

Immigration News from Houston: Demonstrating Against the Mexican Consulate

On Friday, July 18,2014 outraged citizens and patriots joined forces to oppose the continued breach of Texas territory by illegal alien tresspassers. We had a very diverse group of people who turned up via the Overpasses for America in Texas (SE) network organized by Sam Herrera. Stop the Magnet was also present to help lead the event.

Immigration News from Houston: Duelling Protesters on the TC Jester Bridge

A hostile visitor opposes the message of Stop the Magnet to DEPORT on TC Jester bridge @ I-10Houston

 On July 10, 2014 as I got in my car to back out of my driveway at 6:30AM, I noticed a helicopter overhead. When I arrived at the planned demonstration site I understood why. I live some 5 minutes from the TC Jester overpass and was greeted by about 25 or so, open borders advocates in support of the tsunami of illegal aliens from Central America with a local Fox reporter ready to do a live interview. This demonstration for deportation had gotten out via our press release.

Deport for America Demonstration-Houston

UPDATE: DEPORT for AMERICA- TC JESTER footpath Bridge over I-10 Houston,TX. 7AM-10AM Thursday,July 10, 2014

Due to sidewalk repairs protesters will gather at the TC Jester footpath bridge just east of the Washington St. Bridge. Heading west along I-10 feeder at TC Jester proper will be another bridge that dead ends into a park. This bridge is for pedestrians only. Parking is available in front facing the feeder road.


 Come out and join us on Jan. 30 at 7AM on the Tuam St. Bridge over 288. Colluding Republicans like Speaker Boehner,Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Issa, Rep. Brady, Rep. Olsen and Rep. Poe, Rep. Farenhold are willing to consider a poorly written border bill (1417) that has no real teeth or benchmarks for enforcement that will mark a gateway strategy for some type of amnesty. There will be a closed door strategy session in Cambridge,MD. in late January  to determine a path for passing some type of amnesty bill.

Annise Parker - (Incumbant) Candidate For Houston Mayor

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Annise spent 20 years in Houston’s oil and gas industry after graduating from Rice University. She has served the people of Houston for six years as a city councilmember, six years as city controller – and is completing her second term as mayor.

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