Costs Of Illegal Immigration

Houston Amnesty Protest Event - #ConservativeBacklash

Seven immigration fighters in Houston respond to GOP treachery in colluding with Democrats to pass an amnesty or legalization scheme for millions of illegal aliens roaming in the USA.We gathered in the thirty degree temps to hoist a 20' banner reminding the public of the continued assault on law and order and the loss of many young American lives. The loss of our young through the willful non-enforcement of our immigration laws also threatens their economic future as they are forced to compete for limited resources.

French Youth Movement - Fighting For National Identity

French Youth describe the ill effects of mass immigration & 'the global village"

The French Youth Movement in France, Generation Identitaire articulates very clearly their right to a national identity and culture that is being replaced with excessive and transformative immigration policies. Please take note as this portends what is occurring in our own country -- replacing and disenfranchising our population through greed driven immigration policies.

"They Come To America" Movie -- Screenings in Houston

Trailer 1 - They Come To America
Trailer 2 - They Come To America
Trailer 3 - They Come To America

Stop The Magnet will be hosting movie screenings in the Houston area for the new documentary movie, "They Come To America".

Please contact us via email or phone to learn of currently scheduled screening events in your area and/or to recommend additional screening locations we might consider.

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