Conservative Hispanic Calls Out Immigration Attorney & TX US Senate Candidate Linda Vega on Word Play for Amnesty

 I got this juicy morsel via my Facebook feed this morning. What a treat! Isabel Matos of the Conservative "Palin Community" reveals Linda Vega's deception on amnesty and does not back down. She lasers in on these fake conservative plant groups attempting to derride those who oppose amnesty as noncompassionate and calls out the false narrative of losing the Hispanic votes by excusing nonadherence to our immigration laws pushed by the Bush-Karl Rove camp in GOP politics. Read this back and forth twitter war and you will be up-to-date on the immigration turf wars raging in the GOP.


 Come out and join us on Jan. 30 at 7AM on the Tuam St. Bridge over 288. Colluding Republicans like Speaker Boehner,Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Issa, Rep. Brady, Rep. Olsen and Rep. Poe, Rep. Farenhold are willing to consider a poorly written border bill (1417) that has no real teeth or benchmarks for enforcement that will mark a gateway strategy for some type of amnesty. There will be a closed door strategy session in Cambridge,MD. in late January  to determine a path for passing some type of amnesty bill.

Norman Adams is Mad AGAIN at NumbersUSA-Center for Immigration Studies-FAIR

Norman Adams is on the war path AGAIN against the immigration-fighting groups and has come out with an ominously-titled piece: "Are Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA, and Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) Really Playing the GOP for a Bunch of Suckers? SPIES IN THE CAMP - Part I". The silliness of this is too numerous to mention in that the whole premise is that people are incapable of noticing for themselves the carnage and chaos of illegal (& Boston-Bombers-LEGAL IMMIGRATION) in a debate that has spanned some two decades.


Texas Solution: Is it an Amnesty?...(yes it is)

 This is the 2012- Texas GOP plank on immigration laid out in all its glory that by hook and crook replaced the 2010 immigration plank at the Ft. Worth convention. Read more here to fully compare the planks and see what was lost:

Houston City Hall: Illegal Aliens Demand Legalization Status -Patriots Counter

Patriots gather to oppose the busloads of amnesty DEMANDERS at Houston City Hall.

 A small band of patriots turned up at City Hall in Houston on Oct. 5, 2013 to counter the busloads of amnesty demanders and their cohorts. The event went very smoothly as our finest at the Houston Police Dept.ensured the safety and well-being of the counter-protesters.They were surrounded by barricades on one side of the reflecting ponds at City Hall. This in turn, made quite a handy display for the Stolen Lives Quilt Project which shows the faces of all the innocent Americans killed by lawless tresspassers into our country.

Congressman Poe gets a Sendoff from Houston War Veterans-NO AMNESTY!

On Friday morning Sept.6,2013 war veterans turned up to assist Stop the Magnet in advising Congressman Poe against amnesty and pseudo-amnesty schemes pleasing to the Greater Houston Partnership cheap labor cartel and false churches.


  Patriot Texans!

Now is the time to let Rep. Poe know that we do not appreciate his collusion with those seeking an amnesty. Please help rout politicians that are ignoring their constituency and catering to special interests. Don't be a spectator join in and help us expose and warn those who dare TREAD on the good people of Texas!

Take a look at the last I-10 treatment for Rep. Poe:

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