Katrina Pierson - Candidate For US Congress - Texas District 32

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Katrina Pierson - Candidate For US Congress - Texas District 32
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Katrina Pierson is a candidate for the United States Congress in the 32nd District in Texas.
She is best known across Texas and the nation as a passionate advocate for freedom.  For five years, she has served as a Steering Committee member for the Dallas Tea Party.  She is also the Founder of the Garland Tea Party and a member of the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee.  Her primary goal as an activist has been to provide citizens with the knowledge and skills they need to protect and advance liberty.
Katrina served on the Health Facilities Council and Economic Development boards appointed by the Garland City Council. She also served on the City of Garland on the Citizens Advisory Committee to DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit). Pierson was recognized by the 83rd Texas Legislature in Senate Resolution 1064 for her efforts raising political awareness across the state of Texas and the nation.
During her years as an activist, Katrina has never been shy about taking on the Republican or Democrat Party establishment.  She has aligned with fellow citizens to push back against government overreach at all levels, from the White House all the way down to city council.
Katrina has spoken out for freedom on local news outlets, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN, Fox Business Channel and The Blaze TV, among many others. She has spoken up on a wide range of issues, including local, state and federal budgets, civil liberties, privacy and health care. She has been honored to share the stage with top conservatives including Senator Jim DeMint, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, Ginni Thomas and many others.
Professionally, Katrina’s background is in the health care industry.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Katrina and her son Christopher live in Garland, Texas.
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+1 (972) 850 8832
Katrina Pierson For US Congress
PO Box 452213
Garland, TX 75045
Phone: 972-850-8832
Survey Responses
Survey Title Survey Responses
Survey - Texas US Congress & Senate Races
AGREE - A) Tighten loopholes in IRCA federal code to promote lawful hiring practices and protect American workers.
AGREE - B) Support local efforts to supplement the enforcement of existing immigration laws where permitted by US Supreme Court rulings.
AGREE - C) Support an effort to make illegal entry into the USA a felony.
AGREE - D) Eliminate the practice of automatic citizenship to unauthorized aliens who give birth on American soil.
AGREE - E) Promote tax breaks to businesses that hire lawful employees and penalties for those found to be hiring illegal aliens.
SEE RESPONSE - F) Strategies for overcoming DHS refusal to enforce our immigration laws (open-ended response).
AGREE - G) Support English-only official documents issued by the Federal government.
AGREE - H) Eliminate federal grants and subsidies for sanctuary cities.
AGREE - I) Support eliminating dangerous and untracked candidates for legal entry into the USA from terrorist-sponsoring nations while providing relief for those suffering under Christian persecution.
AGREE - J) Support legal redress for those victims of identity theft as a result of businesses that fail to practice due diligence in vetting their employees through electronic verification.