John Cornyn - Incumbent Candidate For US Senate - Texas

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John Cornyn - Incumbent Candidate For US Senate - Texas
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Senator Cornyn believes that the first duty of government is to protect and defend individual liberty. He believes in a strong national defense and works to ensure that all our men and women in uniform have the tools and resources they need to win America’s wars, deter the enemies of freedom, and respond to any threat.

Senator Cornyn recognizes the power of individual entrepreneurs to create jobs and opportunities for themselves and for others. He believes government must not pick winners and losers in the marketplace, but instead ensure maximum opportunity for everyone to participate in the next chapter of American economic expansion. He champions low taxes, sensible regulation, and open markets for America’s workers, farmers, and ranchers.

Senator Cornyn respects the values that have strengthened families and communities for generations and reduced dependence on government. He honors the sanctity and dignity of human life. He believes judges must uphold the fundamental liberties codified in our Bill of Rights, including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to keep and bear arms.

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+1 (713) 572 3337
John Cornyn - US Senator
PO Box 13026
Austin, TX 78711
Phone: 512-494-8535
Survey Responses
Survey Title Survey Responses
Survey - Texas US Congress & Senate Races
NO REPLY - A) Tighten loopholes in IRCA federal code to promote lawful hiring practices and protect American workers.
NO REPLY - B) Support local efforts to supplement the enforcement of existing immigration laws where permitted by US Supreme Court rulings.
NO REPLY - C) Support an effort to make illegal entry into the USA a felony.
NO REPLY - D) Eliminate the practice of automatic citizenship to unauthorized aliens who give birth on American soil.
NO REPLY - E) Promote tax breaks to businesses that hire lawful employees and penalties for those found to be hiring illegal aliens.
NO REPLY - F) Strategies for overcoming DHS refusal to enforce our immigration laws (open-ended response).
NO REPLY - G) Support English-only official documents issued by the Federal government.
NO REPLY - H) Eliminate federal grants and subsidies for sanctuary cities.
NO REPLY - I) Support eliminating dangerous and untracked candidates for legal entry into the USA from terrorist-sponsoring nations while providing relief for those suffering under Christian persecution.
NO REPLY - J) Support legal redress for those victims of identity theft as a result of businesses that fail to practice due diligence in vetting their employees through electronic verification.