Don Cook - Candidate For Houston Mayor

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Don Cook - Candidate For Houston Mayor
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Don Cook is a spirited, seasoned Green Party organizer and community activist here in the nation's fourth-largest city.He wants to bring all Houstonians together for a more people-centered government

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Green Party
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+1 (713) 705 5594
Don Cook For Mayor
7954 Glenheath Houston, TX
Houston, TX 77061
Phone: 713-705-5594
Survey Responses
Survey Title Survey Responses
Survey - Houston Mayor's Race & Council
NO REPLY - A) Enhance Houston Police Department's Immigration Policies.
NO REPLY - B) Make Statistics Available On Crime Committed By Illegal Immigrant Populations.
NO REPLY - C) Eliminate Public Offices & Departments Determined To Be Enabling Programs For Non-citizens.
NO REPLY - D) Vehicles Of Irresponsible Drivers Should Be Impounded Until Fines Paid.
NO REPLY - E) City Contractors Should Be Held Accountable When Caught Hiring Non-citizens.