Christopher Mapp - Candidate For US Senate - Texas

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Christopher Mapp - Candidate For US Senate - Texas
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I am a 5th generation Texan and have never thought about living anywhere else. Born and raised, Texas is home. It is where I have raised my family and built my business. In my spare time apart from family and church, I enjoy the great outdoors as an avid hunting and fishing enthusiast.

Debra, my wife, is a Registered Nurse (R.N.) with more than thirty years of experience.
My oldest son is a Marine Corps Veteran.
My oldest daughter, a Texas A&M University graduate, followed in her grandparents footsteps and became a teacher. Gig 'em Aggies!
My youngest daughter works in the family business as a talented secretary and young business woman.
My youngest son is active military.

My parents are my greatest influence on my political views.
My Mom, a retired English teacher, is a native Texan that I would describe as ""dyed in the wool conservative"" because she is economically conservative with common sense values. She is a Democrat, true to the Democratic Party.

My Dad, from Duluth, Minnesota, retired from law enforcement though he spent nearly 29 years as the Houston Post advertising manager. He was a conservative Republican with very strong ties to GOP ideals and principles.

My second Mom (stepmom) retired from a career as a professional secretary for a Houston home builder. She was truly a great conservative Republican that had great GOP ideals and principles.

My family history ranges from Galveston, Texas to Houston, Texas.

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Christopher Mapp For US Senate
PO Box 301
Port O'Connor, TX 77982
Survey Responses
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Survey - Texas US Congress & Senate Races
AGREE - A) Tighten loopholes in IRCA federal code to promote lawful hiring practices and protect American workers.
AGREE - B) Support local efforts to supplement the enforcement of existing immigration laws where permitted by US Supreme Court rulings.
AGREE - C) Support an effort to make illegal entry into the USA a felony.
AGREE - D) Eliminate the practice of automatic citizenship to unauthorized aliens who give birth on American soil.
DISAGREE - E) Promote tax breaks to businesses that hire lawful employees and penalties for those found to be hiring illegal aliens.
SEE RESPONSE - F) Strategies for overcoming DHS refusal to enforce our immigration laws (open-ended response).
AGREE - G) Support English-only official documents issued by the Federal government.
AGREE - H) Eliminate federal grants and subsidies for sanctuary cities.
AGREE - I) Support eliminating dangerous and untracked candidates for legal entry into the USA from terrorist-sponsoring nations while providing relief for those suffering under Christian persecution.
AGREE - J) Support legal redress for those victims of identity theft as a result of businesses that fail to practice due diligence in vetting their employees through electronic verification.