Briscoe Cain - Candidate For Texas House District 129

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Briscoe Cain - Candidate For Texas House District 129
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A lifelong resident of Harris County, Briscoe’s Texas roots run deeper than most. Named Briscoe in honor of a family surname Briscoe, his lineal ancestor, Andrew Briscoe fought in the Texian Army and was a signor of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Born in Webster, Briscoe grew up in a working class home in Deer Park. The son of a plant operator and occupational nurse, he was taught the value of hard work and a strong commitment to his community. Briscoe worked his way through college and graduate school where he earned a bachelors degree from the University of Houston-Downtown and a doctorate of jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law.

Briscoe became active in Republican politics in college where he founded the College Republicans club at UH-D, later founded the first pro-life law student organization in Texas, and was the President of the Federalist Society at South Texas.

A Christian with a record of defending the unborn, religious liberty and traditional marriage, Briscoe has advised and worked legislation for several pro-life groups and worked with Rep. Dwayne Bohac on the Merry Christmas Bill.

Among other contributions Briscoe currently serves as Texas Legal Counsel for Operation Rescue, Board Member of Right to Life Advocates, Inc. and as Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party’s Conservative Coalitions Committee. He has worked on numerous statewide campaigns including that of Texas Supreme Court Justice John P. Devine, and traveled as a volunteer for Gov. Rick Perry in the Iowa Straw Poll.

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+1 (832) 779 2246
Briscoe Cain for Texas
PO Box 55
Seabrook, TX 77586
Phone: 832-779-2246
Survey Responses
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Survey - Texas State Races
AGREE - A) Use DPS or Texas State Guard to assist in protecting the border and providing resources to Sheriffs along the border.
AGREE - B) Support state legislative efforts or local ballot initiatives to repeal all sanctuary/safety zones in the State of Texas.
AGREE - C) Companies should be at risk of losing business licenses for failing to properly identify lawful employees using E-Verify or similar resource.
AGREE - D) Need to implement the re-introduction of the teaching of the trades in our public schools.
AGREE - E) Require use of E-Verify or similar resource as a condition for a contract with a state or local governmental entity.
AGREE - F) Use 10th Amendment powers to limit the use of executive orders by the President to fully align with the U.S. Constitution.