Brian Taef - Candidate For Houston City Council - District G

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Brian Taef - Candidate For Houston City Council - District G
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The City of Houston is a place of creativity, ingenuity, and hard work. Houston is an attraction for millions of people from all over the world who come to build a better life for themselves and their families.
Houston traditionally has given people the unparalleled opportunity to build and enjoy the fruits of hard work. In Houston, some of the greatest feats in modern history have sprung forth. NASA was based in Houston for a reason.

Houston can be described in one word: Freedom. Americans from other states bring their businesses to Houston because in Houston, we allow businesses to flourish and reward – not punish – success.

Houston abounds with new businesses and energy. Unemployment is low, gas prices are low, and property values are soaring.

What could be wrong?
There are some who want to change Houston – make Houston more like California. The push for higher fees, coming municipal bankruptcy, complicated permitting, expensive land-use regulations, and outrageous water rates will destroy the very thing that makes Houston the envy of the world.

Let's keep Houston free. Let's keep Houston prosperous.

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+1 (713) 422 3416
Brian Taef Campaign
P.O. BOX 820035
Houston, TX 77282-0035
Phone: 713-422-3416
Survey Responses
Survey Title Survey Responses
Survey - Houston Mayor's Race & Council
AGREE - A) Enhance Houston Police Department's Immigration Policies.
AGREE - B) Make Statistics Available On Crime Committed By Illegal Immigrant Populations.
AGREE - C) Eliminate Public Offices & Departments Determined To Be Enabling Programs For Non-citizens.
AGREE - D) Vehicles Of Irresponsible Drivers Should Be Impounded Until Fines Paid.
AGREE - E) City Contractors Should Be Held Accountable When Caught Hiring Non-citizens.