Bob Hall - Candidate For Texas Senate District 2

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Bob Hall - Candidate For Texas Senate District 2
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Immediately after graduating from high school, I entered college at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, where I majored in Electrical Engineering and achieved recognition for my military leadership. At the end of each of the first three years, I was selected to be the top ranked cadet in my company for the following year. My senior year, I was selected to be the top ranked Air Force cadet, awarded the rank of Lt. Colonel, and commanded one of the corps four battalions.
Besides Hall's extensive background in the military he has a degree in electrical engineering and an impressive record as an entrepreneur as a consultant for the aeorospace industry. He has a strong comitment to Christian principles that guide his life and interaction in the community. For the past few years, Bob has been known as a Tea Party activist trying to bring America back to its founding principles.Often travelling around speaking to groups about the threat of corruption and DC cronyism prevalent among incumbent elected officials.
Elected office is not a job I particularly need or want; however, I feel it is a calling. A compelling sense of duty, shaped by my military service, my business experience, and my love for this country, drives me to leave behind the legacy of a patriotic servant for my children and grandchildren. I once answered the call to serve my country in the military, and I am now ready to serve it again. It was a sacrifice then, and it will be a new sacrifice for me and for my family. This is not going to be easy, but we are willing to do it. As "the greatest generation" sacrificed for us in WW II, we now must step forward to do the same for our children and grandchildren.
We must also not forget the tremendous sacrifices our founding fathers made when they signed the Declaration of Independence. They knew by signing that document they were putting at risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for this country. Moreover, most of them lost their families – truly sacrificing all for this great blessing we call Liberty.
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Mar 5, 1942
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+1 (214) 632 1391
Bob Hall For Texas Senate
P.O. Box 513
Canton, TX 75103
Phone: 214-632-1391
Survey Responses
Survey Title Survey Responses
Survey - Texas State Races
AGREE - A) Use DPS or Texas State Guard to assist in protecting the border and providing resources to Sheriffs along the border.
AGREE - B) Support state legislative efforts or local ballot initiatives to repeal all sanctuary/safety zones in the State of Texas.
AGREE - C) Companies should be at risk of losing business licenses for failing to properly identify lawful employees using E-Verify or similar resource.
AGREE - D) Need to implement the re-introduction of the teaching of the trades in our public schools.
AGREE - E) Require use of E-Verify or similar resource as a condition for a contract with a state or local governmental entity.
AGREE - F) Use 10th Amendment powers to limit the use of executive orders by the President to fully align with the U.S. Constitution.