Annise Parker - (Incumbant) Candidate For Houston Mayor

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Annise Parker - (Incumbant) Candidate For Houston Mayor
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Annise spent 20 years in Houston’s oil and gas industry after graduating from Rice University. She has served the people of Houston for six years as a city councilmember, six years as city controller – and is completing her second term as mayor.

Annise’s advocacy for quality of life issues earned her Scenic Houston’s 2010 Scenic Visionary Award and the Distinguished Local Elected Official Award from the Texas Recreation and Park Society. The Holocaust Museum of Houston honored Annise with its 2010 Guardian of the Human Spirit Award for her lifetime of working to enhance the lives of others and to better humankind. Time Magazine named Annise in 2010 one of the 100 people who most affect our world.

Annise and her life partner, Kathy Hubbard, are strong advocates for adoption. Their family includes two adopted daughters and a son.

“A culture of community and public service is one of the greatest assets of our city. I see my job as mayor as a call to civic engagement,” Annise says.

“It takes all of us to make Houston the best,” says the mayor. “And I am honored to work with Houstonians every single day to keep making it better.”

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+1 (713) 861 6464
Annise Parker Campaign
P.O. Box 66513
Houston, TX 77266
Phone: 713-861-6464
Survey Responses
Survey Title Survey Responses
Survey - Houston Mayor's Race & Council
NO REPLY - A) Enhance Houston Police Department's Immigration Policies.
NO REPLY - B) Make Statistics Available On Crime Committed By Illegal Immigrant Populations.
NO REPLY - C) Eliminate Public Offices & Departments Determined To Be Enabling Programs For Non-citizens.
NO REPLY - D) Vehicles Of Irresponsible Drivers Should Be Impounded Until Fines Paid.
NO REPLY - E) City Contractors Should Be Held Accountable When Caught Hiring Non-citizens.