Angie Chen Button - Candidate For Texas House District 112

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Angie Chen Button - Candidate For Texas House District 112
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Representative Button was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1954. As a child, her seven-person family lived in a 300 square foot, one room hut without a kitchen or a bathroom. She credits education with bringing her a better life. She met her husband Darcy as a graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). They have lived in the district for over 30 years. Their son, Dane is a proud graduate of RISD and UT graduate. Angie's life has been the American dream Texas style. Angie is a Christian. She is Pro-life and believes strongly in family values. 
Angie Chen Button is serving her 3rd term as State Representative for District 112. She serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, Calendars Committee, and is the Vice Chair on the Technology Committee. Representative Button has worked for Texas Instruments (TI) since 1981 where she promotes American products internationally as a Marketing Manager. She's also a CPA with Master's degrees in Public Finance and Management Sciences. She has served on the DART Board and in leadership positions for many civic services. 
  • 100 Years 100 Women Award YWCA
  • Taxpayers' Advocate Award
  • Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Champion for Free Enterprise Award
  • Texas Association of Business
  • White Knight Award
  • Texans for Life Coalition
  • Service Award
  • Texas Environmental Health Coalition
  • Innovator for Economic Development Award
  • House Republican Caucus.
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Contact Info
Angie Chen Button Campaign
6914 Clear Springs Circle
Garland, TX 75044
Survey Responses
Survey Title Survey Responses
Survey - Texas State Races
AGREE - A) Use DPS or Texas State Guard to assist in protecting the border and providing resources to Sheriffs along the border.
AGREE - B) Support state legislative efforts or local ballot initiatives to repeal all sanctuary/safety zones in the State of Texas.
AGREE - C) Companies should be at risk of losing business licenses for failing to properly identify lawful employees using E-Verify or similar resource.
AGREE - D) Need to implement the re-introduction of the teaching of the trades in our public schools.
AGREE - E) Require use of E-Verify or similar resource as a condition for a contract with a state or local governmental entity.
AGREE - F) Use 10th Amendment powers to limit the use of executive orders by the President to fully align with the U.S. Constitution.