Amy Peck - Candidate For Houston City Council, District A

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Amy Peck - Candidate For Houston City Council, District A
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With nearly a decade of government experience, Amy Peck knows what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. As the District Director for Senator Dan Patrick for many years, Amy has assisted thousands of Houstonians. She has been working with Senator Dan Patrick since the day he took office, so Amy knows what it means to see a job through. Before working in Senator Dan Patrick’s office, Amy worked for Senator Jon Lindsay in both his Austin and Houston offices. She has also volunteered with the Harris County Republican Party and the county precinct chairs as well as many republican groups. Amy has also dedicated herself to working on the campaign of numerous elected officials, as well as with Texas Children’s Hospital as an activity room volunteer. Amy counseled at the VA Hospital in Houston where she assisted returning veterans who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, helping them receive the resources, benefits, and psychological support they so badly needed. Additionally, Amy holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Psychology and Government from the University of Texas-Austin and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston. As a life-long Houstonian dedicated to serving those around her, Amy Peck has the educational background and hands-on experience to help the community.

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+1 (832) 390 0117
Stardig for Council
1657 Gessner
Houston, TX 77080
Phone: 832-390-0117
Survey Responses
Survey Title Survey Responses
Survey - Houston Mayor's Race & Council
AGREE - A) Enhance Houston Police Department's Immigration Policies.
AGREE - B) Make Statistics Available On Crime Committed By Illegal Immigrant Populations.
AGREE - C) Eliminate Public Offices & Departments Determined To Be Enabling Programs For Non-citizens.
AGREE - D) Vehicles Of Irresponsible Drivers Should Be Impounded Until Fines Paid.
AGREE - E) City Contractors Should Be Held Accountable When Caught Hiring Non-citizens.