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Defending the Saracens

December 16,2015










Janet Murguia of La Raza, a radical separatist group calls for blacks to team up against 'common enemy'

Isn't it great that such haters like Janet Murguia are considered venerable leaders and courted by politicians? Taxpayer dollars fund this garbage and grocery store chains like Kroger also fund these radical groups.Obviously, Janet hasn't been down to Houston to find out which demographic group leads the pack in opposing illegal immigration.Oh well, if you don't ever leave the agenda room you have no way of finding out the real truth, not that it matters anyway. In today's media world fiction substitutes for truth.

In Texas the Voters Will Take Charge on Immigration

It sure is nice to see an article that is the direct voice of enforcement supporters that is not censored by a liberal journalist. Certainly, politicians have been given ample time to heed the call of their constituents yet ignored their voices in the Texas legislature.

Making Significant Decisions About Aliens Without Interviewing Them

An interesting article about the ease with which some immigrants can gain permanent entry to the United States -- it's hard to believe how poorly organized our immigration processes are.

Stop the Magnet Protest Against U.S. Rep. Ted Poe's Amnesty Plans

Elizabeth Theiss, representing Stop the Magnet, explains to FOX 26 News why her organization is protesting against Republican Congressman Ted Poe. Stan Horton, a retired U.S. Marine Corps service member, later explained why he and other military veterans were taking part in the protest:

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