In Texas the Voters Will Take Charge on Immigration

It sure is nice to see an article that is the direct voice of enforcement supporters that is not censored by a liberal journalist. Certainly, politicians have been given ample time to heed the call of their constituents yet ignored their voices in the Texas legislature.

Making Significant Decisions About Aliens Without Interviewing Them

An interesting article about the ease with which some immigrants can gain permanent entry to the United States -- it's hard to believe how poorly organized our immigration processes are.

Houston City Council District A Candidates Receive Our Surveys on Immigration

  This past Tuesday, (9-24-13) a few of us went down to the SOSA Community Center to check out the candidates running for the District A city council seat.  The forum was hosted by the Memorial West Republican Women & Houston West Chamber of Commerce. It was an interesting array of candidates all quite different. We were of course, watching to see if the immigration issue came up and when it did it arrived by way of the sex slave/ human trafficking trade, which is increasingly trending.

Why is Organizing for Action having a prayer vigil for Congressman Ted Poe?

  On August 29,2013, Stan Marek of Marek Brothers a press event designed to promote the need for immigration reform (more immigration, more legalization). He was joined by Christy Husmann of Organizing for Action who is working hard to ensure passage of a bill along the lines of SB744, granting amnesty for millions present unlawfully. Although Christy claims that OFA is non-partisan, I would challenge you to research this organization and pay close attention to the logo.Please take note of the flyer handed out to attendees at this press conference.

Stop the Magnet Protest Against U.S. Rep. Ted Poe's Amnesty Plans

Elizabeth Theiss, representing Stop the Magnet, explains to FOX 26 News why her organization is protesting against Republican Congressman Ted Poe. Stan Horton, a retired U.S. Marine Corps service member, later explained why he and other military veterans were taking part in the protest:

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