Conservative Hispanic Calls Out Immigration Attorney & TX US Senate Candidate Linda Vega on Word Play for Amnesty

 I got this juicy morsel via my Facebook feed this morning. What a treat! Isabel Matos of the Conservative "Palin Community" reveals Linda Vega's deception on amnesty and does not back down. She lasers in on these fake conservative plant groups attempting to derride those who oppose amnesty as noncompassionate and calls out the false narrative of losing the Hispanic votes by excusing nonadherence to our immigration laws pushed by the Bush-Karl Rove camp in GOP politics. Read this back and forth twitter war and you will be up-to-date on the immigration turf wars raging in the GOP.


 Come out and join us on Jan. 30 at 7AM on the Tuam St. Bridge over 288. Colluding Republicans like Speaker Boehner,Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Issa, Rep. Brady, Rep. Olsen and Rep. Poe, Rep. Farenhold are willing to consider a poorly written border bill (1417) that has no real teeth or benchmarks for enforcement that will mark a gateway strategy for some type of amnesty. There will be a closed door strategy session in Cambridge,MD. in late January  to determine a path for passing some type of amnesty bill.

Norman Adams is Mad AGAIN at NumbersUSA-Center for Immigration Studies-FAIR

Norman Adams is on the war path AGAIN against the immigration-fighting groups and has come out with an ominously-titled piece: "Are Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA, and Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) Really Playing the GOP for a Bunch of Suckers? SPIES IN THE CAMP - Part I". The silliness of this is too numerous to mention in that the whole premise is that people are incapable of noticing for themselves the carnage and chaos of illegal (& Boston-Bombers-LEGAL IMMIGRATION) in a debate that has spanned some two decades.


Candidate Abbott & the Hispanic Outreach Dept.

 Does the iniative called the Texas Hispanic Engagement Team being pushed by the RNC mean we can't talk about enforcing our immigration laws? or being subsumed by gangs and cartels? or getting stuck with huge bills subsidizing somebody else's labor force? There have been a rash of Republican groups pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform waving the demographic club at older American citizens regarding the booming Hispanic population.

Texas Solution: Is it an Amnesty?...(yes it is)

 This is the 2012- Texas GOP plank on immigration laid out in all its glory that by hook and crook replaced the 2010 immigration plank at the Ft. Worth convention. Read more here to fully compare the planks and see what was lost:

Illegals Swarm in-Dallas Transformed

 Dallas,Texas tranforms from an orderly, upwardly mobile conservative city to a slovenly stage for a major cartel organization.This city is not the only casualty of the invasion. Houston is the hub for human trafficking overrun with gangs.Can you hear all the hysteria from our elected officials? Fire in the belly soap-box speeches in front of outraged that was Teddy Roosevelt talking about the importance of assimiliation back in the good'ol'days when American unity was all the rage.

The Texas Solution is born....and Who Delivered

 Over the years, conservative activists involved in the Republican party had been able to thwart vested interests in the cheap labor crowd from tilting the GOP immigration plank away from its enforcement-based leanings. But in 2012, at the GOP convention in Ft. Worth,the piracy wing in guest-worker amnesty won the day.See below:

Norman Adams (

Janet Murguia of La Raza, a radical separatist group calls for blacks to team up against 'common enemy'

Isn't it great that such haters like Janet Murguia are considered venerable leaders and courted by politicians? Taxpayer dollars fund this garbage and grocery store chains like Kroger also fund these radical groups.Obviously, Janet hasn't been down to Houston to find out which demographic group leads the pack in opposing illegal immigration.Oh well, if you don't ever leave the agenda room you have no way of finding out the real truth, not that it matters anyway. In today's media world fiction substitutes for truth.

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