Why is Organizing for Action having a prayer vigil for Congressman Ted Poe?

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  On August 29,2013, Stan Marek of Marek Brothers Industries.co-hosted a press event designed to promote the need for immigration reform (more immigration, more legalization). He was joined by Christy Husmann of Organizing for Action who is working hard to ensure passage of a bill along the lines of SB744, granting amnesty for millions present unlawfully. Although Christy claims that OFA is non-partisan, I would challenge you to research this organization and pay close attention to the logo.Please take note of the flyer handed out to attendees at this press conference. Can they count on Congressman Poe to make their DREAMs come true? Apparently, there must be something about Poe that gives them HOPE. Mr. Marek announced during the final five minutes of the presser that Rep. Poe was "...leading the charge for Texas." Indeed, Mr. Marek a boardmember for Greater Houston Partnership, admitted that he voted for Obama in the last election as a result of Romney's stance on increased enforcement against employers of illegal aliens in his proposal for a national E-Verify mandate.

On Friday, Sept. 6  they will have a prayer vigil send off for him. It will be interesting to see if they can turn Humble blue via "immigration reform" as they target Poe's red-meat district for some ambitious canvassing. Stay tuned, we will post more about this very interesting press conference.