Texas Solution: Is it an Amnesty?...(yes it is)

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 This is the 2012- Texas GOP plank on immigration laid out in all its glory that by hook and crook replaced the 2010 immigration plank at the Ft. Worth convention. Read more here to fully compare the planks and see what was lost: http://www.stopthemagnet.com/blog/texas-solution-bornand-who-delivered

Janet Thomas, God Bless her, went and dug up the already existant federal codes in the IRCA legislation that unbought leadership could act upon minus the exclamation points and fast-talking salesmen for this plan. We will notate these under each bullet point to highlight our assertion that this plan was a way to fool the public into yet another amnesty hoax. We also urge you to read Mark Krikorian's stinging indictment on this "project of the state's construction industry." (http://www.cis.org/krikorian/gop-platform-jobs-jobs-jobs-—-illegal-aliens)


Because of decades-long failure of the federal government to secure our borders and address the immigration issue, there are now upwards of 11 million undocumented individuals in the United States today, each of whom entered and remain here under different circumstances. Mass deportation of these individuals would neither be equitable nor practical; while blanket amnesty, as occurred with the Simpson-Mazzoli Act of 1986, would only encourage future violations of the law. We seek common ground to develop and advance a conservative, market- and law-based approach to our nation’s immigration issues by following these principles:

1. Secure Our Borders – The U.S. Border must be secured immediately! We demand the application of effective, practical and reasonable measures to secure our borders and to bring safety and security for all Americans along the border and throughout the nation. IRCA: Section 111, 112, 113, 115 (RCA).  Section 1321, 1324 (Title 8)  

2. Modernize the United States Social Security Card – We support the improvement of our 1936 Social Security card to use contemporary anti-counterfeit technology. The social security card will not be considered a National ID card for U.S. citizens. *There have been conversations over the years about putting a bio-metric identifier on social security cards, similar to what is on driver’s licenses, but to date that has not been done. 

3. Birthright Citizenship – We call on the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of the United States to clarify Section 1 of the 14th amendment to limit citizenship by birth to those born to a citizen of the United States with no exceptions.* There is no provision in IRCA or Title 8 addressing birthright citizenship.  To date, Supreme Court cases have upheld that children born in the US to illegal alien parents are considered citizens.   

4. Create an Effective and Efficient Temporary Worker Program – A national Temporary Worker Program should be implemented to bring skilled and unskilled workers into the United States for temporary periods of time when no U.S. workers are currently available. The program should also require:

IRCA: Section 301, 302, 303, 304 (IRCA) Section 1184, 1160, 1188, 1201, 1202, 1254a, 1379

 Self-funding through participation fees and fines; IRCA:Section 1254b, 1351, 1458 (Title 8)

 Applicants must pass a full criminal background check; IRCA: Section 212 (IRCA), Section 1101, 1182, 1184, 1201, 1202 (Title 8).  A medical exam is currently required prior to admission to the US.

 Applicants with prior immigration violations would only qualify for the program if they paid the appropriate fines; IRCA: Section 245 (IRCA).  Section 1101, 1182 (Title 8).  These sections pertain to criminal violators which The Texas Solution never addresses.  Currently, immigration violators can be barred from re-entering the US for up to 10 years.

 Applicants and/or Employers must prove that they can afford and/or secure private health insurance;

Applicants and/or Employers must prove that they can afford and/or secure private health insurance;  There is nothing in the IRCA or Title 8 requiring employers to provide private health insurance to temporary workers, they are however required to provide Worker’s Comp insurance for temporary workers.  Some employers are discontinuing employer paid coverage for their employees due to the cost and requiring the employees to shoulder the burden.  Also consider that with Obamacare,  employers are considering reducing their employees to part time status and some companies are only hiring part time employees. Further, under Obamacare, the indigent will be given offsets to purchase private insurance.  Since many of the newly legalized will be working low paying jobs, they will meet the definition of “indigent”.

 Applicants must waive any and all rights to apply for financial assistance from any public entitlement programs;

IRCA: Section 212 (IRCA)  Section 1611, 1612, 1621, 1642 (Title 8)

 Applicant must show a proficiency in the English language and complete an American civic class;

Section 245 (IRCA), Section 1255a (Title 8) 

 Temporary Workers would only be able to work for employers that deduct and match payroll taxes;

A temporary worker enters into an employer-employee relationship and all applicable federal and state taxes are deducted from the employee’s check and matched by the employer.

 All participants would be issued an individual Temporary-Worker Biometric Identification Card that tracks all address changes and both civil and criminal court appearances as a defendant.

IRCA: Section 1230, 1302, 1304, 1365a, 1365b, 1732 (Title 8).  These sections pertain to all forms of identification (bio-metric & otherwise) used for tracking purposes.

Get the idea?


Liz Theiss-STM & Contributor: Janet Thomas