Texans Will Support American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) on Jan.29,2015

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January 21,2015 



Please save the date January 29 to lobby for ALAC at OUR capitol in Austin!

Another unfortunate aspect of unbridled and unassimilated immigration is culture clash. Stop the Magnet has decided to assist in the effort to forward legislation which will protect our freedoms and Constitutional values.

Many of you have expressed your concern and knowledge of creeping Sharia in our state by participating in the protests in response to the "Stand with the Prophet” conferences in Garland and Houston, http://www.soundvision.com/events/houston/. Many of the characters on this panel forum were involved with CAIR at some point and other terrorist-linked organizations.

The efforts to forward an ideology subversive to freedom do not stop there. Please note the letter announcement for lobbying in Austin by CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), an unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorist attack of 9-11. This group has recently tried to have their terrorist designation removed from UAE list.


Texans are invited to help in a counter lobby effort on this day to support Rep. Leach’s bill HB562 to protect against foreign laws infiltrating American jurisprudence. It is known as ALAC, American Laws for American Courts and does not target any particular creed,religion or ethnicity. Please see the attachments below that will guide you in presenting the importance of the bill. This simple letter is intended to introduce the bill and provide information for the staff with contact info regarding the language and intent. Please keep the effort simple and diplomatic.

Our Plan:

We will gather in the central foyer of the state capitol in Austin on January 29, 2015 between 10:00-11:00AM. Information will be available on the bill and we will have stickers for citizen lobbyists to wear in support of freedom.

Rough Schedule:

Meet & gather info between 10-11AM

Visit your particular lawmaker in small groups. Please use link to identify your lawmaker and office number prior to arrival:



Visit other lawmakers offices to promote HB562

Departure time is your choice.

Please be aware that protesters are expected outside the capitol expressing opposition to Sharia Law and the terror acts in the West.

You are free to participate but your signs will not be permitted inside the building. You may want to bring a smaller sign that will fit inside a satchel or large bag. This is your choice! However, we recommend decorum and civility inside the capitol to forward much needed legislation on this front. Get others to join you and carpool.


If you have further questions e-mail: magnacarta@stopthemagnet.com