TEXANS ALERT! Critical Actions Needed to Secure Border Funding for 2015

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This week it is critical that Texans take actions to ensure that Texas House Representatives honor the desires for a secure border  indicated by recent elections. Activists can only do so much to thwart the monied interests in this state and need back-up at this time. If you want to see our border secured from illegal crossings and all the consequent crime and violence that go with it, we must seek a continued budget in the upcoming supplemental bill. That means pressure by Texas Voters on the deciders in the committees dealing with budget matters as well as your own House Representative. 

Basic Points to understand regarding the border:

Most of the 1K National Guard that Governor Perry sent to the border in the wake of the Unaccompanied Minors invasion this past summer were mostly utilized for pen and paper activities

We are currently down to about 200 of them focused in only ONE SECTOR (Rio Grande)

We need about 12 million dollars to cover additional boots on the ground through May

More will be needed later and will be dealt with through another appropriations channel

Research for yourself the insanity on the border via the assessment reports from the Department of Public Safety: http://www.dps.texas.gov/director_staff/media_and_communications/2014/pr041714.htm

CALLS MUST BE MADE THIS WEEK. The PDF is attached below with the relevant committee members that must be called and encouraged to pass a budget that will finance more boots on the ground. If you want funding for border security to continue, you must make your voice heard beginning today!  The Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee meets tomorrow 2/17/15 at 8 am.  Ways & Means meets tomorrow at 8:30 am, and a subcommittee of Appropriations meets on Thursday at 8 AM.  Those are the committees (see below) to call first, but every person on the committees listed below needs to hear from you.  They will make decisions on bills that impact border security.

 Keep this list handy.  As bills come to the floor of the House, you will need this list again.  It also contains phone numbers for Governor Abbott.  He needs to hear from all of you as well.  Remind him that it is time for Texas to lead on border security and the rule of law! Call these committee members (only GOP listed since they all ran as conservatives and all say they support a secure border).  Simply tell them that you support continued funding of the Texas National Guard and DPS for border security.  Tell them you want funding for the Guard and Operation Strong Safety continued until the end of the budget year and then funded in the upcoming new budget, and you will watch how they vote.  Texas House Members Phone Numbers: https://www.texastribune.org/directory/#texas_house_tab