Stop the Magnet Responds to Senator Sylvia Garcia's Opposition to a Sanctuary Cities Bill (SB185)

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March 20,2015

Below is the submitted response from Stop the Magnet to Senator Garcia's editorial in the Houston Chronicle. I doubt this will get published so I will post it here while we still have free speech.

Dear Editor-(Viewpoints a

 I would like to respond to Senator Garcia’s editorial from the March 18,2015 article titled: 'Sanctuary Cities’ Laws Bad for Safety,Society-  

Senator Garcia is correct in her listing of opposition groups to a sanctuary cities bill but wrong in her assessment that they have little in common. Appointed police chiefs are sent by their mayors to testify in opposition of enforcement. City leaders are often in support of open borders to increase their tax revenues. Non-profits,immigration lawyers,civic organizations such as the YMCA-International ,United Way, Catholic Charities,business groups are all incentivized to support the open borders agenda receiving huge grants from the federal government to provide services for border crossers.Houston City Hall’s Office of International Communities is a networking hub for immigration advocacy.The idea is to bring them out of the shadows to receive benefits and services that they may not be aware of including pro-bono legal services. Ethnic advocacy groups like La Raza and NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected Officials) are ready and eager to provide assistance toward a path to legalization and help the New Americans register to vote. Senator Garcia is involved with NALEO as are many Hispanic politicians in the State of Texas. A witness highlighted the problem of dual loyalty in the Senate hearings on SB185 in response to Senator Lucio that she did not want to vote for a politician with "one leg in Mexico and one in the USA."


Garcia speaks about “immigrant communities” being profiled by law enforcement. American citizens are profiled every day at border checkpoints inside the USA and expected to answer probing questions or end up being detained or possibly jailed. Profiling in light of increased risk of terror attacks and breaches through our SW border is probably a good idea and should be expanded to include nation of origin. The argument that police departments lack resources fails to address the source for an increase in criminal activity in the first place. Houston is the hub of human trafficking and Texas has several very dangerous cartels opening in the state. This is all due to an open border. By ignoring this rising crime and seeking to stop any enforcement whatsoever, the “children” who cross the border will be the victims in this slave trade as the law enforcement officers are told to stand down.In addition, the terror threat will be able to operate with ease inside our border. 

Senator Garcia and others like her continue to create a political base from the rising illegal alien community. This is her incentive to oppose a sanctuary cities bill.


Liz Theiss-Founder Stop the Magnet448 W.19th #234Houston,TX. 77008