Stop the Magnet Endorses TX. State & Federal Races

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 Stop the Magnet commends the candidates for responding to our survey on immigration enforcement strategies. We did not endorse all races but carefully considered those who stepped up to the plate on this difficult issue. In some cases, there were multiple respondents in a given race that we felt would honor the enforcement viewpoint but decided to let the voters make the call. Please use the search tool on our site to see if your preferred candidate responded or not. If they did not, contact their campaign office and encourage them to get their point of view on the record. We will continue to post surveys as they come in as a reference for voters. We were disappointed that despite repeated efforts, Candidate Greg Abbott running for Texas Governor neglected to respond to us.

We are also endorsing David Watts for Land Commissioner who reached out to us early on. See his response here:

Also we made an error on Morad Fiki  HD 137 in reversing his name on our official list. We apologize.

Link to our list of endorsements here:

Long May We Wave,

Liz Theiss