Stop the Magnet Endorses Steve Stockman for TX US Senate

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Feb. 7, 2014



  Stop the Magnet will endorse Candidate Steve Stockman in his bid for the Texas US Senate seat. We can count on Stockman to continue his consistent fighting patterns against the ills of un-vetted and sovereignty-eroding immigration practices enacted by this administration and aided by powerful special interests. Nowhere is this more evident than his "blue-slipping" the Senate amnesty bill (744) noting that such a spending bill must originate in the House. Obviously, an astute tactic that demonstrates his understanding of the Constitution. Stockman's record on this issue can be traced into the 90's (H.J. Res. 87) where he co-sponsored an amendment to prevent anchor babies from obtaining citizenship and does not support any plan that legalizes in any form illegal aliens unlawfully present in the U.S. Furthermore, it is evident that Stockman recognizes the importance of all Americans to weigh in on acceptable levels of immigration and refusing the notion of deferring to the needs of the marketplace and business alliances. He is a "fighter" and "risk-taker" and that is what is needed in DC today.

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Liz Theiss 
Founder: Stop the Magnet