Showdown at the First Circuit Court of Appeals- Houston: Our Tribute to Joan of Arc

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September 30,2014

On Friday, September 26,2014 a luncheon was scheduled at the First Circuit Court of Appeals. It was a meeting arranged by Judge Michael Massengale and the Activist Catholic Charities helping to arrange relief for Unaccompanied Minors crossing the borders in droves and explain their vulnerabilities as they encounter our legal system. The goal here, in brief, is to get the word out to the legal community to provide "pro-bono" assistance and train these attorneys to understand the various statuses in refugee,asylum,traffficking law. The powerpoint presentation ( is full of legal sleight of hand in prepping lawyers to help get these minors processed into state juvenile court under Texas Juvenile laws. The needed ruling from a judge is the "Best Interest Ruling" that relies on low standards of evidence to make the case that the child has a dysfunctional homelife in their native country. From there they can obtain a more permanent status. Stop the Magnet decided to publicly object to these efforts right at the source. Attachments from meeting included at the bottom.

An attendee of note was the Archbishop Emeritus Fiorenza who had expressed his displeasure with Stop the Magnet in a Chronicle Op-Ed earlier that week :

Joan of Arc (the GOOD CATHOLIC) was burned alive when the Catholic establishment discerned patriotic nationalism in Joan's attempt to unify France. Here the Catholic Archbishop Fiorenza carries the torch of anti-Americanism,anti-protestantism in his desire to globalize the United States and usher "We the People" into the Catholic Tyrannies of yesteryear. Catholic "Charities" seeks help for everyone else outside the jurisdiction of the United States, empowering themselves and dumping the costs onto the communities they operate in They truly do rob Peter to pay Paul. Their dependency on your tax dollars via fed grants reaches into the ninety percent range.Turning their back on their fellow countrymen and working for every illegal alien that moves across the border. Have they offered to school these thousands of UAC's in their well-known Catholic educational facilities? What they really seek in this UAC's-as-political pawns game is to burn the Constitution at the stake. As Fiorenza approached I exhorted him to read up on Joan of Arc. My take on this is that a borderless world is the devil's playground.