Republican Party of Texas,Tom Mechler Takes Umbrage with Conservative Outliers

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 March 29,2015

 Newly elected leader of the Republican Party of Texas, Tom Mechler lays out his vision and mission for the party in a recent blogpost in TexasGOPVote He suggests that he will ensure that Democrats will not take seats from hardwon districts represented by Gilbert Pena (144) and Rick Galindo (117). He goes on to say he will address the "distorted rhetoric" of outlier conservative groups critical of the Republican Party. Further, he will advocate for more of the Republican Party platform to become law. 

Since the last Republican Convention in Ft. Worth the platform on immigration bypassed an official stance on "guest workers" but only narrowly. It was a hard-fought manuever that allowed conservative grassroots to maintain an enforcement position in the platform. Mechler supported a "guest-worker" provision.

It is obvious then that Mechler calls out the outliers in opposing open borders labor practices while supporting an Hispanic Republican, Pena who can forward a "guest-worker" bill, and importantly, calling them good "conservatives". The guest-worker & driver licenses for illegals bills come up regularly in the legislative session as well. These are widely supported by the business community and many influential players in the GOP.

Pena's bill HB1602 ( laying out a state-run migrant worker pilot project that includes a Commission on Immigration and Migration with appointed members. Obviously proponents of deport and enforce our immigration laws will be nowhere near gaining a seat on the commission. The generous "inclusion" of members of the public on this commission must be:

  • residents of this state
  • with due respect for, geography, diversity, education with post-graduate degrees related to the immigrant community
  • or an appointment by the Governor, Lt-Governor or Speaker with a representative from a community-based organization
  • a faith-based organization,philanthropic,a business,including an immigrant entrepreneur,etc...

Please see my posts on City of Houston's Office of International Communities developed by the liberal Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker to understand the aims of these immigrant advocacy organizations in sync with all manner of governmental and institutional support and collaboration below:

Finally, check out the "cheek" here in creating a memoranda of understanding with Mexico for this pilot program. There is plenty of left-wing buzzwords in the bill that pave the way for the #NewAmericans, Obama's "seedlings" while undercutting citizens rights in who is permitted to crash their communities but yet pay for these "workers" through taxation. This bill is all about forced multiculturalism and reducing the relevance of American workers. Plain scary. Read it all

If this is a "conservative" representative that Mechler wants to fight for while turning his back on his own countrymen, being an outlier of the Republican Party should be a mark of honor.

Long May We Wave,

Liz Theiss