Refugee Settlement Contractor Hosts Event Comparing American Japanese Internment to Trump's EO on 7 Nations-UPDATE

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Feb. 12,2017

  Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston is the gathering place for the elites in Houston in terms of do-gooderism. It's clientele, donors and volunteers meet the smell test in DIVERSITY. This organization has had Republican Senator Ted Cruz dropping by to volunteer for their Meals on Wheels program for seniors and former City of Houston mayoral candidate Bill King as a lifetime member. The 2016 financial report ( shows an operating budget at around 18 million, however on closer inspection over 50% of its budget relies on taxpayer funds in government contracts, over 11 million dollars. See the blue part of the graph.


This means REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT. Their website reveals that they have provided some 2 thousand jobs for refugees and offer services such as English and cultural adaptation classes, airport pick-up and loans. Interfaith Ministries is affiliated with the national Church World Service and Episcopal Migration Ministries which are becoming household names as a result of Ann Corcoran's research on these community altering organizations. If you want to raise your blood pressure visit her website sometime:

  On February 22,2017 an evening event will lay out the case against Trump without saying his name. They will present Muslim Americans in the default victim status and compare the WWII EO under Democrat FDR and his internment camps for Japanese American citizens. Wonder why the Interfaith Ministries is using such a tortured premise to promote Muslim refugees coming into the United States from war ravaged nations with no databases to vet them. Did you know that our own officials do NOT VET prospective refugees from Syria or Yemen etc..The United Nations chooses and vets. Feel safer?

  It has been repeatedly mentioned in this debate that the well-to-do Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar have not opened their doors to these refugees why not? Very few Christian refugees are being chosen to come to the US. Why not? Note: Christian refugees are not to be found in the UN camps, therefore they are not chosen. 


The speakers for this event are Mustafa Tameez,Founder and Managing Director of Outreach Strategists,LLC and Dr. Abbie Grubb, Professor of History at San Jacinto College. Wonder who or what Mustafa is providing "outreach" for? Most of his opinions forward the notion of the "fringe element" in terms of jihadist episodes not a duty imposed by Islam. A quick web search shows who he associates with- ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) and ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) these groups are listed in the seized documents obtained by the FBI in a 2004 raid which were used in the federal case in the Holy Land Foundation trial relating to the financing network behind the 9-11 attack. There is movement afoot in Congress to start labelling these Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups as terrorist organizations that are explicit in the final pages of the document.

You may want to contact your representative to see if they will support this classification to protect America from deviant actors. This will be where the rubber meets the road when it comes to nefarious plotting and planning on the homeland.

Perhaps this is just "Islamophobia".

Here are the screenshots:

He is also a popular consultant for local Fox affiliate 26 in Houston. After the Orlando nightclub terrorist attack he is warning about access to guns. He is doing a super job, keeping attention away from jihad and on gun control. This is modus operandi among all professional and slick operators for civilizational jihad. Fox 26 is just playing the role of usful idiot in giving him a platform. 

Event Location: Asia Society Texas Center

1370 Southmore Blvd.

Houston.TX. 77004

Time: 7PM


UPDATE: Breitbart Coverage 2-25-17:

March 4, 2017: WEBINAR on Refugees from the Refugee Director Ali Sudani: (former refugee from Iraq who obtained citizenship under Obama in 2009):