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                                                                                 -For IMMEDIATE RELEASE-  


Houston Area Taxpayers and Parents to Demonstrate for National Cohesion on Opening Day of Houston ISD's Arabic Immersion Magnet School




Houston area taxpayers,concerned citizens and parents will assemble to oppose the Houston ISD Arabic Immersion Magnet School on the opening day of school in the Houston Heights.

Instead of seeking assimilation of all immigrants into the American Culture, including, speaking a common language,Houston ISD presses ahead on Balkinization. Instead of emphasizing unity through English immersion studies, HISD has opted to create a special school for a group that rejects assimilation into the American way. Promoters of this school, such as, the Arab-American Cultural Center and the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce who pushed for this school have the full cooperation from the Houston ISD Board and intimately assist the district’s needs in Arabic staffing.  
The force financing part of this initiative is the Qatar Foundation International. This organization's board includes the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Tariq Ramadan.Qatar is a major financier of terrorist activity in the middle east and Africa. HISD has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Qatar in return for allowing the creation of programs that will promote the Arabic language and culture. Instead of promoting English and Western culture, HISD will assist those of Arabic backgrounds maintain their native language skills so they can study the Koran,according to a Robert E. Lee High School grant application.  
The fact that HISD is engaging in a hypocritical rejecting of our national history and experience, the sacrifice of millions of soldiers is evidenced by the efforts to rename schools that were named after important Confederate leaders in our nations past. Using the excuse that these individuals promoted slavery is a falsehood when we consider that HISD is affiliated with an Emirate state notorious for modern day slavery to build its infrastructures in the desert in preparation for a 2022 World Cup bid.  
“It is a shame that Houston ISD has a board full of trustees bent on promoting the global citizen instead of teaching love for country,” says Liz Theiss,organizer, "it is evident by their actions that they care less about the educational needs of the students in their district and more about their political agendas and careers."  




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