Obama's #NewAmericans Program Is a TAKEOVER

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July 2,2015

Recently a telephone conference between government beaurocrats and prospective candidates for citizenship was brought to my attention. After listening to the audio of this phone call I learned of the phenominal uptick in Asian immigration as well as the incredible infrastructural support organized by the various immigration agencies at the federal level and coordinating with local governments.  Further, it was not lost on me how this would no doubt fit in nicely with the aims of the secretive and reviled free trade agreement forced upon citizens by elites and special interests and corporations known as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). This latest immigration news shows how many battle fronts are operating besides just the open SW border.

Regarding coordination with our local governments over the heads of most citizens to utilize ethnic activists groups and diversity propagandist politicians to push large-scale immigration via command-control DC. See my post on Houston City Hall's Office of International Communities: http://www.stopthemagnet.com/blog/city-houstons-collaborative-plan-legal-networking-strategies-legalize-illegals.

Do not miss this map which shows how widespread this transformation is occurring to politically wipe out native born American citizens and install diversity facism.



Julia Johonsen, an activist compiled a full & opinionated summary of this teleconference sponsored by the New Americans Campaign:

Amid news of an historic shift in migration patterns from China and India, national and local leaders joined a press call this week to talk about citizenship assistance and opportunities among Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) immigrants. http://newamericanscampaign.org/news/numbers-rise-experts-discuss-citizenship-among-asian-american-immigrants
Naturalization rates are comparatively high in AAPI communities.
From the call in this piece around the 30 minute line: The Asians in Houston(or otherwise) can apply for government jobs there by going to community college or other jobs ,family uniting though being naturalized.Many can vote for the first time. You know who they will vote for! Next elected officials,that is a benefit(More like getting things for their race,like the Latino Caucus,all Dems)!
The woman in this call came from the Philippians,because her brother was here(That's how it starts) ,she worked as a maid,now owns a business,hair salon. She was naturalized though this New American Campaign, where the waiver fees for citizenship,(if there is any criminal record they are helped with this),which is done at the workshops they have ben doing around the country since 2011. This being Immigrant Heritage Month and being touted by this president, : http://www.voanews.com/content/obama-celebraters-immigrant-heritage-month/2810122.html)(Also through this New American campaign, where they are holding citizen workshops all around the USA,this month for this! http://newamericanscampaign.org/news/new-americans-campaign-supports-2nd-annual-immigrant-heritage-month). Then after these two people talk this woman hosting( speaking with some kind of accent), says this "Putting a human face on the human story" What about Americans,with the lack of jobs? Where is their "Human face and story"? Next a caller wanted to know how many Asians have come in,this is the reply concerning the Chinese,147 thousand Chinese immigrants just this year!!!!" Taking our jobs in Tech,that our people should have, No wonder Americans can't find work! Saying we don't have a labor market in high demand like we did way back when,that its more about tech and knowledge products,in reference to a caller from a Mexican Media site. All foriegn media listening in to this call.from what I could tell when they had questions. This call is one hour long,yet everyone should listen in,to what this campiagn is doing under our noses in Our America! http://newamericanscampaign.org/wp-content/uploads/AAPI-Press-Call.mp3
As Numbers Rise, Experts Discuss Citizenship among Asian-American Immigrants

Amid news of a historic shift in migration patterns from China and India, national and local leaders joined a press call this week to talk about citizenship assistance and opportunities among Asian immigrants...

Check out the Soros funded Migration Policy Institute: http://www.migrationpolicy.org/topics/immigrant-integration