Local Houston HS Highlights an Illegal Alien from Honduras as Role Model for the DREAM AGENDA

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My daughter, Isabel who is wrapping up at Waltrip High School brought me audio of a speaker from Honduras who appeared in the auditorium for an assembly on May 13,2014.

Up and coming graduates of Waltrip HS were treated to the travails of a young man who suffered family separation, a wipeout from Hurricane Rachael and violence at the hands of random drive-by shootings by gangs and rogue military in Honduras to make his way illegally and alone into the USA at the age of 13. He was eventually reunited with his mother in the USA. His pain and anger are palpable. So now that we have him here (against our will) who is he angry at? I wonder if he blames "white American priviledge" as so many of our leftist-controlled schools are pushing nowadays. He claims that people come illegally into the US "so they have the opportunity that you do."His emphasis on a teacher that helped encourage and support him in his studies "....and she was even white" clearly, evoke the sense that his default view of white Americans are as priviledged and spoiled, unsullied by hardships. His sufferings are somehow the responsibility of American citizens and that it is permissable to highjack another's country. Regarding, the concept of law which protects people's interests and gives stability; here is what he states regarding his mother's illegal entry: She did not come illegally to break the law "but because the law broke her." She had no resources,education,did not speak English,etc....therefore, she was justified in breaking the law.

Several questions emerge here that need examination.

1) Is America really in a position to take in without limit everyone from every chaotic country on the globe?

2) Who pays for the services needed for these young refugees?

3) Will using our resources to save the Third World from itself take away from our own children?

4) Will our progeny end up fleeing the USA over a newly indoctrinated class of angry and anti-white DREAMERS?

5) Are Third World refugees of countries connected by a land bridge into the USA the only ones that are eligible for illegal entry?

6) Will contempt for law and order (as demonstrated by the emotional account of the speaker in his understanding of a new theory of law based on the needs of his mother ), end up dashing the dreams of both the DREAMERS and the true American citizens?

7) Is poverty, chaos,hunger, deprivation and violence not on tap in the USA?

8) Did the American colonists who fought the most powerful military force on the globe have to work hard, suffer hunger, incredible hardships, disease, violence in order to bring a free America to its people? Did Pilgrims suffer unbelievable hardship settling the wilds of America? Are students exposed to these AMERICAN hardship stories?

9) Did the A&M scholarship given to this young man take away a scholarship from an American citizen?

10) Why did a public school with a captive audience allow a politically-charged topic (illegal immigration) to be presented WITHOUT AN ALTERNATE VIEWPOINT?

Audio attached below.


Liz Theiss