"Lawlessness Breeds Lawlessness"-STM Exclusive on the Houston "Hub"

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August 17,2014

Restrictionists in the immigration debate have long bemoaned the mid-movie understanding of third world-invasion lawlessness and the sudden concern among elected officials and others in highlighting the sex-slave trade. The reason is that these same people have IGNORED the consequences of NAFTA free-trading, open borders, and free-wheeling hiring practices that in turn gave us the glam hysteria of the CHILD SEX-SLAVING INDUSTRY with no real efforts to prosecute it!. As the title to this blogpost indicates, LAWLESSNESS BREEDS LAWLESSNESS.

 In early August activists opposed to the continued "surge" of illegal aliens effortlessly crossing our Texas border held a demonstration on Tuam St. bridge. Our signage sought to reveal the involvement of Catholic Charities in using millions in taxpayer dollars to platform a well greased system of NON-ENFORCEMENT of our immigration laws. Link to our demonstration & message here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ8fVTnzR00.  This demonstration brought forth two spiritual truth-tellers who began to illuminate us on the deeper involvement of our elected officials in NON-ENFORCEMENT that touched on the issues (and links) of the Planned Parenthood abortion industry, sites in the Houston area that were suspicious in nature and known by observers to host child sex-slaving, and the mysterious fire that engulfed the Southwest Inn in Houston last May. Read about the SW Inn : http://swamplot.com/the-story-of-the-southwest-inn/2013-06-04/

In this post, I will merely let you be the judge on this after viewing the video material and links for yourselves.

Since Houston is known as the "hub" in child sex slave trafficking and human-smuggling and we are under invasion and "church" groups are being given millions of dollars in grant monies to embed unaccompanied minors into our communities...it may be time to listen and learn to get a fuller picture of the darkness that surrounds us.

Please note my earlier post on the Refugee Industry and the millions in grants here: http://www.stopthemagnet.com/blog/churches-and-refugee-industry

The third attachment on Catholic Charities reveals a handsome sum of money going to St. Michael's Homes for Children Shelter Care for Unaccompanied Alien Minors: http://www.stopthemagnet.com/sites/default/files/blog-attachments/search__open_the_books_3.pdf   Please note this Houston Chronicle story from 2011 by Susan Carroll reports a cover-up by Catholic Charities in the sexual abuse of a young boy from Guatemala and this occurred at St. Michael's Shelter in Houston: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Children-s-shelter-tried-to-cover-up-assault-2187476.php.

Officials Ignore Planned Parenthood Crimes-U-tube below that raises questions about the activities of Planned Parenthood and it's proximity to the "hideaway" a location cited by local activists that believe may be involved in sexual trafficking. Take a look at the video and David Allen's other videos on this subject matter listed under Horn of Samuel.



Officials Ignore Planned Parenthood