Irony Alert! Qatar Foundation (Qatar) Writes in a Terror Clause in Grant Contract with Austin ISD

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July 20,2016

This organization has been in the front lines in raising attention to Wahhabi Emirate Qatar Foundation penetration into US schools under the guise of Arabic Language learning. Haven't you heard that language learning "increases a child's cognitive development"? Yea right. Qatar makes sure that it's worthwhile though, in dropping off hundreds of thousands of dollars to "bridge" our worlds. The multicultural marxists just lap this up, not just the school board apparatchiks lined up with Islamocommie in the White House. All of this of course traces back to Common Core iniatives, such as Connect All Schools in bridging and indoctrinating our students into the totalitarian mindset so inherent in the Islamic ideology. Arabic Language is a mere circumstance.

Houston ISD made it's bold move to introduce the FLAGSHIP motherlode of Arabic Immersion into Pre-K and Kinder level classrooms with foreign teachers of muslim persuasion,all female of course. Take a look at one of the district's early hires in the Arabic Language arena at Bellaire High School before they went full bore with the very young "sponges" who aquire foreign language (and what else?) so much more effectively.

Introducing Samar Halaby of Syria who kindly shared this FB post on the ISIS fighters who were so disrespectful of Islam in holding the flag upside down. Read the post.

Don't you just love the careful vetting that goes on at Houston ISD?

Now let's add Austin ISD into the mix with the 100K grant contract for the upcoming school year. It is possible that terror state Qatar got the message that some hellraisers were loose in Houston protesting their infiltration into our schools.

Unlike HISD, Austin has a terror clause in Amendment 1-Page 5. Isn't that special? Does this mean the contract is already void? Jump through the terror-jihad associations of Qatar in this slide presentation:

The full contract is posted below as an attachment. Check it out.