Interfaith "Peacekeepers" Form a Human Chain to Protect Muslims-Practice Taharrush on Fellow Countrymen-Muslim Day at Tx Capitol

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Feb. 2,2017

On January 31,2017 Muslims across Texas gathered yet again at the Texas Capitol for their annual PR event. This time it was much more intense as President Trump had just signed an executive order halting immigration from seven specific Islamic countries. CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations finds itself in the crosshairs of being designated as a terrorist-affiliated organization. Prepared and trained in Alinsky tactics, the Interfaithers, namely, Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT) called for Peace Observers at the capitol on social media-(specifically to respond to: This is the same crew that did the "Banner Project"-2016 putting signs up in the university district of Austin on the lawns of false churches to advertise their intense alignment with muslims and all things Islamic. Please click the link-seeing is believing pictures here: The Interfaithers sure are a principled lot, aren't they? Austin takes in over 1K refugees per year, think perhaps it pays to be a refugee lover? You betcha! more on that later. Soak in this image of the human chain' to insulate "the Muslim participants from any harrassment, as has taken place in years past,' posted on their event page explaining the need for "Peace Keepers". This organization comprises a variety of denominations, including United Methodist, Baptists and Jewish that are guided by extreme liberalism. Gathering in churches to organize against their own countrymen opposed to open borders and refugees which are known to create havoc across the West. These well organized communist churches can be traced back to DC through The Banner Project to the motherlode of feral liberalism-Interfaith Action for Human Rights. Their credo: "Our guide is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" which includes such causes as the dissolution of Guantonomo Bay's detention facility, Opposing religious and ethnic bigotry,"especially anti-Muslim bias" and torture .

So here arrives on the scene a doggie protester wielding a sign in support of Trump's ban in the sense that it may save some American dogs from torture,poisoning or DISCRIMINATION as what we can easily read about on the web occurring in Spain, India, Iran and Europe in general. Should not this human rights army be sympathetic to the plight of dogs? Crucified Christians-BORING! But dogs...surely there is sympathy right? WRONG!! The sign reads: Ban Animal Tortue #StopDogPhobia Stop Dog Persecution Support TRUMP's Ban Save Our Dogs. The image of a dog crucification hails from Mexico and was reported by Huffington Post :

Do muslims torture dogs? Yes! See here:

These probable Soros "peacekeepers" began to crowd me, surround me and used their jackets to shield my sign. At one point a man walked past me and whispered in my ear "If you need a church I can help you find one" delivered in a very ominous and sinister tone.  A few minutes later I had difficulty moving around as my access was blocked by the peacekeepers. Someone grabbed my behind and squeezed. My friends who attended the event brought this entrapment to the attention of the troopers who busted it up. It's ironic how the loving humanitarians intimidate people who are standing holding a sign outnumbered by 500:1 yet claim to be tolerant and diverse, nothing could be further from the truth. This act of tahharush must have made the interfaithers feel closer and bond to their muslim neighbors. Read about tahharush in the rapes across Europe and in the case of reporter Lara Logan in Egypt: These are totalitarians, make no mistake!

The interfaith group Caritas of Austin (provides jobs for refugees) and partnered with Interfaith Action of Central Texas, receives up to 60% of its budget from the federal trough to take in refugees (paid by the head): In 2013, their budget expanded to 6.5 million. No wonder they want to smack down Trump supporters.

Listen to the CEO of Refugee Services of Texas, Aaron Rippenkroeger leading a prep rally at a "vigil" the day before the Tx Muslim Day: 

“Does this make you angry?” Rippenkroeger asked the congregation of Trump’s executive order.

“Yes!” they responded.

“Does this make you frustrated?” he asked.


“Does it make you want to do something?”


“Good. ... This is the time to stand up, to speak up, for what’s right and for what’s decent,” he replied.

In other words help us keep our federal cash for bringing in refugees.

This is an excerpt from the Austin American Statesman listed as a donor to iACT.