Infosys Scandal - Use of B-1 Travel Visas To Import Cheap Tech Workers

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Noteworthy points from the video:

  • B-1 Visa = Temporary Visa for Business Visitors.
  • These B-1 employees are allegedly paid with wages from India and thus avoid paying American taxes.
  • Infosys is using B-1 visas in order to get Infosys employees into the US to work in high tech positions that would otherwise go to American workers.
  • Infosys has 6000 B-1 visa employees!
  • Jay Palmer is a whistleblower and form Principle Consultant at Infosys, and has a pending lawsuit against his former employer.

Very interesting CBS News interview with a whistleblower who called attention to Infosys' intentional practice of importing Indian tech workers into the US under false pretences. Pretty shameful stuff and will likely grow into a much bigger story as many other tech companies will likely be implicated as well. Many companies in many industries do the same thing, though Infosys is probably one of the largest, even if they're not well known.

Whistleblower calls out IT giant over U.S. jobs