Immigration Politics for Dummies

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1. Citizens begin to notice an erosion in the quality of life in their neighborhoods,infrastructure overload,more bonds on the local ballot and crime by unidentified Hispanics or other exotic foreigners. Bizarre types of crimes involving drop houses, slavery scenarios or cock fights begin to seep through.

2. Citizens form a group to fight illegal immigration

3. Mainstream media, ADL, SPLC,LA RAZA, LULAC,La MeCHA, etc. tag such organizations as racist and hate groups, headlines always read: "Anti-immigrant group". Latino news media track group and report back to "immigrant community".

4. Republican politicians respond to the melee with dialogue about the need to seal the border and bringing them "out of the shadows" via amnesty or other legalization schemes. 

5.More American citizens and children get murdered,run over, raped or assaulted in their own country through roadway accidents,murder,robbery, etc.

6. Broken politicians devise an immigration bill that allows for continued unlawful presence spouting about our "broken immigration system"  and "jobs Americans won't do" while getting campaign contributions by cheap labor users.

7. RNC works in tandem with the left to "tone down the rhetoric", offers false choices: "We can't deport 12 million…" while soft-peddling the family values and superior work ethics of those who broke into the country and instantly became public charges. Easy solutions like severe and well-enforced penalties for hiring, eliminating access to taxpayer benefits and reforming education to include a pathway for the trades and closing loopholes to rampant identity theft remain unspoken.

8. Enforcement bills at the state or local level get quietly killed by the donor-class.

9. Legalization bills get introduced in DC, get lobbied by special interests like the publicly-funded Greater Houston Partnership, Chamber of Commerce, Church activists,anti-white separatists,and DREAM ACTIVISTS bring in busloads of well-trained and scripted "immigrants" to relate sob stories about their DREAMS and fear of being "separated" from their families.

10. Politicians avoid town halls back home or take on topics like the border,cartels and human trafficking to distract from practical solutions like E-Verify, I-9 audits, closing loopholes on use of general contractor designation and halting benefits to non-citizens.

11. Over the top legislation gets written benefitting the business and "immigrants" while citizens must FIGHT BACK THE BILLS to preserve their own citizenship and access to a fair jobs market.

12. Candidates run for office on a tough on the border campaign. Nothing changes.


It is up to us to keep immigration policy geared toward loyalty to the citizens of the United States and national security. It should never be a piracy tool for special interests!